My studio is based on the west side of Edinburgh, this is a great location as there is easy access to the surrounding cities, especially Glasgow and Edinburgh. 

Most of my product and food photography is shot in the studio but some businesses, such as restaurants, like their work shot in the atmospheric venues they own. This is great it adds a lot of verity to my work. 

If you think we are a good fit and you would like to work with me we would discuss if your project is best fit for location or studio. 

Having a good, well equipped studios means a lot of my work can be done remotely, but if shooting on location is something you'd be interest in I would happily travel to you, or your chosen location. For an indication of the areas I cover check out the location tab. I am not limited to these locations and if you'd like to know about a specific area or would like to ask how much travel costs are feel free to get in touch. Send me an email, or fill out the contact form above. 

I love travelling and I am happy to do it for any job but there will be additional charges for longer travel and accommodation if applicable.