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Welcome to my blog.


This is a really crazy time we all find ourselves in right now and I don't think one person could have predicted what 2020 would be like.

I certainly wouldn't have been able to guess how much free time I would find myself with, but I thought I would use this time wisely and try to make something out of the awful situation we all find ourselves in. Aside from all work coming to a complete halt, free time has been demoted to only watching TV and walking the dogs. The later, I won't complain too much about, but I do miss restaurants and cinemas.

During this time I have revamped, rebranded and feels like completely restarted my business. Rebranding and restarting is really scary, but it's a great use of time and I can use that time to really pivot and focus my business where I want it to go in the long future, not just now. In the next few years I want my business to be solely dependant on food photography. Don't get me wrong, I love portraits and interior photography. But I think it's important to have goals and visions for your business and I always wanted to shoot big campaigns for brands and I know focusing on everything wont make you the best at anything. At the end of the day, I love food photography the most.

My list of things I want to do for my business is as long as my arm, or maybe longer as I do have short arms. A few things on the list was to revamp my whole portfolio, done but always ongoing. To start a youtube channel, not done yet but I overthink everything and it will be up and running soon. I want to share my journey as a photographer, and tips for beginners. Another was writing a blog, and right there is why you are reading my, not so brilliant, writing. What I want to include in this blog is similar to the youtube channel. But written form and well, everyone always tells you they're good for SEO (another thing on my list of things for my business).



I always wanted to be a photographer, well... I wanted to be a cowboy first, but after that it was a photographer. After I left school I went straight into studying photography. This was great, really! I enjoyed it so much and even though I taught myself a lot of the things I could

from photography magazines and trial and error,( I wish I knew about YouTube then, I just thought that was for music videos) I enjoyed working to briefs and having challenges and I think I work well with those situations.

After college I didn't really know where to go. They teach the fundamentals of photography, but they don't teach how to be a photographer, or anything business wise. I started volunteering with a local commercial photographer. It was great and although it was 8 years ago, I remember nearly every day there and I was there for 6 months. This is where I fell in love with the commercial photography world. While volunteering here I got a job offer t

o take photos for an online fashion ecommerce shop. This was SO exciting, I felt like I had made it. This was it! (It most certainly was not) I was 19 at the time and was paid a little over minimum wage for a 21 year old. At first this was amazing to me, after volunteering for 6 months for nothing (other than a lot of left over food and great memories) and working on the weekend at a cafe to afford petrol to get to my volunteer job.

The pay was okay, I lived at home and had no social life so I felt rich. But very quickly I was not as passionate about this job as I thought I would be. Don't get me wrong, there is some skill in taking photos on a white background and making sure the colours are right. But doing this to 50+ items of clothes a day is not what a creative person is looking for. I got to do the odd instagram post, these were fun. The highlight of my whole career there was being asked to make content for their website and when this started I finally got excited about it and felt creative. This was soon complete and I was back to the normal.

Just over a year into working there my partner got offered a promotion for his job in Scotland, we lived 300 miles away at the time. It was a great opportunity for him, but he said he'd only move if I came with him. We had been together for 4 years, so it was an easy decision for me to make.

Scotland - Is Amazing

But, I was back to where I was before. I'm a photographer but I don't know how to market myself as that. I've been hired into a few roles as a photographer here in Scotland. One thing I did was work in a family photography studio, the photography for this was really fun. But that was just a tiny part of the job, it was a lot of sales and I will say, it's not my strongest trait. The company I worked for ended up going bust. And then I'm back to square one. After this I did a lot of research and started trading as a freelance photographer. It took me a long time to get going and I ended up getting a freelance job doing school photography that really helped me get through it. I knew I wanted to be a more commercial based photographer but... girl gotta eat and I knew I enjoyed and was good at children photography. (Children are kinda great, much better than adults.) This was a chance to work on my business skills and my company while having semi regular jobs in the back pocket and building up my commercial photography clients. Then corona hit, and schools shut, no events happened, businesses shut. I was left with a lot more of my expected time and a lot less expected money. But we will all pull through and we will get back to 'normal'.

Instead of sulking about it all (okay, I did a little of this at the beginning but I'm sure we all did) I decided to use these days to put as much effort into myself and my business as I can. I've been shooting for myself and my portfolio every week. I've been learning how to market myself, okay I still need to get better at this, I think it's a confidence thing. I want to learn video more to be able to offer brands videos too. This is one of the reasons I want to make a greta Youtube channel, video and confidence building.


Well, to conclude that's my backstory and the first blog post I think I have ever written. So... Don't judge too harshly.

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