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I'm Amie, a food & drink photographer. I love capturing bold images in a minimalist way that showcase the beauty of food and drink. I love trying new and different styles of shooting. 

I love working with clients on a range of jobs, commercial or editorial, in my home studio to a multi day shoot on location. Each job is unique so if you are interested in working with me I would love for you to get in touch. Let's discuss your project email me, at 



Photographer Self Portrait.jpg

Favourite Drink 
Diet Coke - probably an unhealthy amount. 

Favourite Snack
Salt & Vinegar Pringles - once you pop... 

Favourite Animal
Dogs, no one else is ever as excited to see you than a dog. 

Strange Fact About Me
I can lick my elbow, most people try to do this when they hear this. 

Favourite Photographer
Going very classic here, I love Henri Cartier-Bresson. Not even just his photography, the guy was incredible. 
Favourite Thing to Photograph
Cocktails and Sweets... I mean, anything I enjoy eating after. 

Favourite Colour

I love the colour green, but I also love grey and black just not sure if I get away with saying that's my favourite colour. 

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